Fundamental Value Indicator®

Stock barometer

The Fundamental Value Indicator® is a stock barometer. It provides a comprehensive picture of what a business and its management are worth and what can be expected from them in the coming years. This value gauge also shows the relationship between the Current Fundamental Value of a stock and its price on the stock market.

Most important business data

This indicator includes the most important business data of the last 10 years such as revenue growth, earnings growth, dividend growth, book value growth, profit margin growth, ROE growth and cash flow growth, which are the key indicators of a company’s performance.

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Fundamental Value indicator


The Fundamental Value Indicator® is an instrument that enables an investor to objectively research and compare companies. The Fundamental Rating assigned to a company is not influenced by rumors or unverified news. It is simply an objective measurement of value, which compares the dynamic value of a business with its stock price.

The Fundamental Value Indicator® is, however, not only a barometer that indicates the probable future growth of a company on a scientific basis. It also reports in plain numbers how a company has grown to date.

The Fundamental Value Indicator® is a combination of a company’s most important elements based on 10 years of historical data and 5 years of projected data. The Fundamental Value Indicator® is unique because it provides one snap shot of all of the information that is needed in order to make a decision to buy or sell stocks.

The indicator ascribes a value to each stock on the basis of the Relative Fundamental Value and the Relative Under/Overvaluation on the stock market. This value is reported as the Fundamental Rating.

Free examples

Consult the free samples of the Fundamental Value Indicator® (Click on 'Fundamental Value Indicator®').