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We regularly add new companies to the selections and the lists of and we also remove companies. Valuable companies that meet our selection criteria are included.

Companies that no longer meet our criteria will be removed. Sometimes they are excluded for extraordinary reasons or because sufficient information is no longer available.

Consequently you can still consult the Company Reports for one month. The stocks will also be covered in the Price Increase Potential Screenings for one more month before omission.

Typical cycle

Companies are omitted when the stock price increase potential becomes too small or when the price reaches above the Future Price Channel® into the sell area.

Extraordinary exclusion

Unfortunately not all companies follow this course. Both positive and negative events can affect the evolution of a company. For these companies, we list briefly the reasons why they are no longer included in the selections. Find an alphabetical list below. For more information, we advise that you contact your broker or bank.

Insufficient data

Reliable analysis requires sufficient information and clear communication. In the absence of that information or because the shares are difficult to trade, we can no longer offer the Company Reports for these stocks. They will also be taken off the Price Increase Potential Screenings. Find an alphabetical list below. For more information, we recommend you contact your broker or bank.