Publications: Fundamental Value Indicator®-TOP50

The Fundamental Value Indicator®-TOP50 (FVI-TOP50) combines the key information of the Fundamental Value Indicator® (Company Reports) and the Price Increase Potential Screenings.

You can arrange the FVI-TOP50 by Price Increase Potential, Future Profit Potential, Under-evaluation on the stock market, Relative Fundamental Value, Fundamental, Dividend yield or the position on the Future Price Channel®.

The result is a list of the 50 companies that show the highest potential. Use this tool to select the most interesting Company Reports.

The Fundamental Value Indicator®-TOP50 contains:

Code Description Code Description
PIP Price Increase Potential CP Current Price
P5H Highest expected price in 5 years CUOV Under- Overvaluation on the stock market
DIVY Dividend yield BUY Buy under
PE Price/earnings ratio SEL Sell over
PEG PEG ratio RFV Relative Fundamental Value
FPP Future Profit Potential FR Fundamental Rating
CFV Current Fundamental Value POSFPC Position on the Future Price Channel®


The FVI-TOP50 is available for users with a FULL PACK subscription to both Company Reports and Price Increase Potential Screenings.

Consult the FVI-TOP50 on the Company Reports page of the Products menu at (or on the Price Increase Potential page of the Products menu).

Do you already subscribe to Company Reports? By also subscribing to the Price Increase Potential Screenings you automatically gain access to the FVI-TOP50.

Do you already subscribe to the Price Increase Potential Screenings? By also subscribing to Company Reports you automatically gain access to the FVI-TOP50.

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Consult the FVI®-TOP50: 

Fundamental Value Indicator®-TOP 50