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Company Reports feature daily updated analysis of selected companies:

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Limit your risk and maximize your profits

If you want to invest in stocks successfully, you need to know the value of a stock before you invest in it. You also need to know how the value of the stock will, in all likelihood, evolve in the future. Then, and only then, can you make the right decision about buying a certain stock or not. And, then, you can limit your risk and maximize your profits.

At, each day, we keep track of thousands of companies for you. We select the stocks with the greatest price increase potential. Those are the companies we feature in the Company Reports.

Unique charts

Companies come alive in the Company Reports. Unique charts, developed by, show the company’s results over the last ten years and how they are expected to grow during the coming years.

Of course, we regularly add new Company Reports on the website. About once a week you will receive an e-mail with the new Company Reports and the revised publications - new analysis based on the most recent company results.

You have all the relevant information at the right time, anytime, to make knowledgeable stock investing decisions.

Free examples

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Content of the Company Reports

Company Reports


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Available charts

  • Evolution Earnings per Share and stock price
  • Evolution Earnings per Share and stock price
  • Evolution Shareholder’s equity and stock price
  • Evolution Dividend and stock price
  • Evolution Profit margin and stock price
  • Evolution Return on Equity and stock price
  • Evolution Cash flow and stock price

The price scale is on the left side of the chart and the Key data scale is on the right.

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