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At we research listed companies, analyze their real-world results, and consequently evaluate their price on the market. Our studies and charts are published as professional high-quality Company Reports.

To aid you in selecting companies of interest, provides you with Price Increase Potential Screenings. These are listings of the companies with the greatest price increase potential over the next five years.

Company Reports

Company Reports feature daily updated analysis of selected companies: all the relevant figures (also in charts), buy-below and sell-above signals, the Fundamental Value Indicator®, and the Future Price Channel®.

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Price Increase Potential Screenings

Price Increase Potential Screenings show the daily updated price increase potential of selected companies and, depending on the selection of your choice, different growth figures and ratios.

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Fundamental Value Indicator®-TOP50

The Fundamental Value Indicator®-TOP50 combines the key information of the Fundamental Value Indicator® (Company Reports) and the Price Increase Potential Screenings. The FVI-TOP50 is available for users with a FULL PACK subscription to both Company Reports and Price increase Potential Screenings.

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