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At we research listed companies, analyze their real-world results, and consequently evaluate their price on the market. Our studies and charts are published as professional high-quality Company Reports. They allow you to make stock investing decisions based on fundamental analysis and data.

It is our goal to make wide-ranging, complex, and hard to find data accessible with efficient, comprehensible, and result-oriented stock investing tools. As a subscriber you select companies based on results, and expected results, with the Price Increase Potential Screenings.

This website explains the investment method of The actual publications can be found on

Our publications

Our publications

Find out what’s the price increase potential for each selected stock, and determine which stocks to buy, and when to sell them. Get to know companies and compare their fundamental value at a glance.

Our publications offer the information you need to make knowledgeable stock investment decisions and balance risk.

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Price Increase Potential Screenings

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Our tools

Our tools has developed a series of time-tested strategies and indicators for stock investors.

Some of the most groundbreaking are the Future Price Channel® and the Fundamental Value Indicator®.

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Stock to Watch

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