Beginnings brings you, the individual investor as well as the professional, the results of time-tested methods. Since 1984, Ben Hellinckx and his company Investment Research have developed, tested, and optimized stock investment strategies. Both the underlying theory and practical applications were published in some twenty bestselling books, and two proprietary magazines.

Some of the most groundbreaking strategies and indicators developed by Ben Hellinckx and his team are the Fundamental Value Indicator®, and the Future Price Channel®, which, based on company fundamentals, outlines the boundaries within which the stock price will normally fluctuate during the next five years.

At we research listed companies, analyze their real-world results, and consequently evaluate their price on the market. Our studies and charts are published as professional high-quality Company Reports.

To aid you in selecting companies of interest, provides you with Price Increase Potential Screenings. These are listings of the companies with the greatest price increase potential over the next five years. Price Increase Potential Screenings exist for Young Growth Companies, Long-Standing Growth Companies, as well as North American, European and Asian Companies.


Finding your way in the sheer volume of data, properly interpreting and comparing various items, and getting dependable figures for overseas companies is no small feat. With individual investors are privy to information that used to be available only to professionals.

It is our goal to make wide-ranging, complex, and hard to find data accessible with efficient, comprehensible, and result-oriented stock investing tools. As a subscriber you select companies based on results, and expected results, with the Price Increase Potential Screenings.

You keep abreast with company developments with the Company Reports, featuring up-to-date charts and tables available online. Using our logical and well-founded methods, you determine which stocks to buy, and when to sell them.

As a valued subscriber you can access this information, and these tools, which you need to make knowledgeable stock investment decisions and balance risk.